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Recurring Document Generation


✅  Any Code Repo

✅  Unlimited Document Generations

✅  Up to 10 Users

✅  Jira Integration with Relationship Mapping

✅  Custom System Documentation

✅  AST Extraction for Detailed Technical Documentation

✅  Early Access to Auto-Updating Docs

Need documentation on an ongoing basis?

Self-Service Document Generation


✅ GitHub Support Only 

✅ Language Agnostic

✅ Free Project Summary and Code Summaries

✅ Generate Features and Functional Requirements

✅  Interactive Knowledge Graph

Generate documentation per codebase



✅  Unlimited Document Generations

✅  Custom Data Source Integration and Relationship Mapping

✅  Early Access to Beta Features; Impact Analysis, Auto-Updating Docs, Requirements Contradictions, System Chat, System Health Checks

Leverage the full power of the SAFA platform 


Pricing & Plans

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