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Intelligent software for complex systems innovation.

SAFA's living traceability environment empowers organizations to efficiently develop increasingly complex software.


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Go To Market at the speed innovation requires.

Optimized Engineering Processes

SAFA streamlines engineering resource allocation, increases speed to developmental milestones, and reduces the amount of time that skilled engineering staff are required to manage complete traceability.

Reduced time to understand your evolving system

By leveraging custom, domain-trained, natural language processing models, SAFA visually identifies upstream and downstream effects of evolving systems without the need for overly-manual technical documentation and code review.

Comprehensive Sanity Check

By ingesting all forms of text and code SAFA provides automated trace-link generation, version control, and trace-link recommendations across all sources of truth. SAFA's generative AI constantly ensures 100% coverage.


Industry agnostic technology.


leading application

Featured pilot program partners

Electric Car Charging

“If we traced down to code, it would eliminate a lot of the 

headache associated with understanding system changes.”

Functional Safety Engineer, Ouster

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Abstract Background

Born to
deep innovation

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Based on over two decades of experience driving innovation in Software Traceability, SAFA was created as a practical solution for supporting safety analysis.

SAFA’s dynamic traceability and unique visualizations are designed to help manage complexity in rapidly changing software development environments.

-Dr. Jane Cleland Huang, Founder

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The SAFA Team

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Features + Industrial Applications

  • Custom Model Training

  • Automated Impact Analysis

  • Trace Visualization

  • Trace Generation

  • Integrations

→Optimize internal engineering processes.

→Reduced deployment overhead.

→Reduced time to understand changes.

→Get to market more quickly.

→Centralize and integrate all your data sources.

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To learn more about SAFA’s industry-leading traceability platform, schedule a call with our Head of Product and Lead Engineer!

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