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Use our Early-Access Document Generation Platform. It's quicker than resolving a merge conflict on Friday afternoon.

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Our Features

A Living Documentation Platform that Simplifies the Complex
Generated Code Summary Example

Generated Code Summaries

By reading your code and its related context, SAFA summarizes the contents of all code files to concisely communicate their behavior in natural language.

Need more detail? SAFA can extract the AST to provide you with an even more precise understanding of your code base.

Document Generation & Maintenance

By understanding the entire context of your system, SAFA generates various forms of higher-level system documentation, eg, User Stories, Requirements, and change logs, keeping them up to date as you make changes. 


All of SAFA's Inputs and Outputs are configurable to your specific preferences and use cases.

Document Generation & Maintenance Example
Change Analysis & Summarization Example

Change Analysis & Summarization

By examining two versions of a system, SAFA generates natural language change summaries describing how your system is evolving over time.

Whether you are an Engineer, PM, or Non-Technical, our change summaries  are tailored to your needs.

Relationship Generation & Explanation

With the context of your entire system, SAFA provides traceability across documentation sources, code bases, ticketing systems, and more.

A complete system understanding at your fingertips, so you can stop searching and start innovating.

Relationship Generation & Explanation Example
System Visualization & Search Example

System Visualization & Search

With software complexity comes never-ending file tree expeditions.


Instead of wading through functions and searching the nether, use SAFA's system visualizations to quickly understand relationships and get to where you are going.

Increase Development Velocity and Team Alignment

  • Fixing bugs and implementing new features requires a good understanding of the existing code. Whether you are new to the codebase or well-versed, visualize and intelligently search for code and documentation related to your tasks.

  • Team coordination is seamless when everyone understands the current state of your software. SAFA keeps everyone in the know with automatically up-to-date documentation and change summarization.

  • Consistently delivering high-quality software requires a live pulse on how your software is evolving. SAFA analyzes all changes to your software, helping you find testing gaps through AI-generated change impact summaries and dependency mapping.

  • Streamlining operations, reducing risks, and enhancing collaboration are paramount to driving business success. SAFA generates natural language change summaries that provide vital insights into how your software is meeting business objectives, while intelligently cataloging how your system works to ensure continuity.

  • It's essential to know how and where your software meets compliance regulations. Automatically link regulatory requirements to your code, and quickly adapt to regulatory changes with Automated Impact Analysis and Change Summarization

Need Software Documentation ASAP?
Use our Early-Access Document Generation Platform. It's quicker than resolving a merge conflict on Friday afternoon.'s Early Access Software Document Generation Platform

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